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Our Programs

Rehabilitation & Special Needs Education Project


Why We Do It.

At Heal a child international we strive to provide holistic care ,reach outs and early intervention services to poor and under privileged children with physical and mental disabilities .

About Our Rehabilitation & Special Needs Education Project

Many disabled children in poor communities lack the financial resources and equipment to help them cope with their disabilities and live a fulfilling life. In some communities they are stigmatized and unloved. Our goal at HCI is to help them live a happy, normal and fulfilled life just like every child deserves.
Rehabilitation Conditions we deal with include; Cerebral palsy, Developmental Delays, Brain damages, Hydrocephalus, Microcephalus, Down ’s syndrome, Behavioral disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual and Learning Disabilities etc.
Our rehabilitation services start with; Assessment (Subjective & Objective), Set Rehabilitation Objectives, Make individualized treatment plan, Implement treatment plan, Evaluate treatmentment plan, Evaluate interventionist and lastly if the child has attained maximum medical improvement, plan discharge/referral. 

Our paediatric rehabilitation programmes include


Our physiotherapy programme is primarily involved in Assessment of impairments and disabilities as well as promotion of mobility, functional ability and movement potential of children.
Our physiotherapy team examine, evaluate and create physical interventions for children who require physical improvement. It’s their role to assist each child in reaching their full potential by implementing physical interventions including; Therapeutic Exercises (movement, stretching, strengthening), stabilization, coordination, balance and endurance.


Our Occupational Therapy work closely with children to assist them in becoming independent in activities of Daily living including self-care such as( bathing, dressing, feeding, grooming, toileting),sensory stimulation/integration, work and leisure(play, learning, social skills, house chores).Our Occupational therapy interventions use techniques such as sensory integration, rewards, behavioural therapy, equipment and environmental adaptation, concentration and attention modulation.


Our Music therapist uses music and musical equipment’s to promote physical, cognitive, communication and emotional development. Music therapy benefits children with special needs by facilitating interaction, learning, self-expression/cognitive development, communication(verbal and nonverbal),social interaction, motor coordination, speech and language stimulation and in the long term talent grooming.
Our music therapy team engage children in activities that include active music making (playing instruments, vocalizing), active listening, song writing and song learning.
Music motivates children to participate physically, improve on focusing especially those with low attention/concentration span as well as encouraging nonverbal and verbal self-expression


Our Orthotist fabricates assistive mobility/walking aids, artificial limbs, splints, Cerebral palsy chairs, standing frames, wheel chairs, and crutches etc. that are prescribed for the children with disability who may require them in their rehabilitation.
Our orthotist participates in training care takes/parents of children with physical disabilities in making no cost/cost friendly assistive devices from locally available cheap material in their environment/community (Appropriate technology)


Our speech and language Therapy team focuses on the stimulation of speech/language, communication difficulties, swallowing difficulties/Dysphagia, chewing/drooling and feeding challenges. The speech therapists at heal a child international participate in assessments and treat speech, language and communication problems in order for our children to communicate to their fullest ability.


Our Special needs team participate in special needs learners assessment and make tailor made Individualized Educational plans (IEP’s).Our Special Needs Educators do follow ups of special needs children in inclusive schools and vocational training facilities where our special needs children are attending. Our child educators follow a concept of early intervention which promotes holistic growth and development of children with special needs


Our Child Psychology team encourages children to develop a positive attitude towards life. This includes emotional, social, vocational, education, health related, developmental and organizational aspects of children with special needs.
Our child Psychologist addresses many issues for both individual children with special needs as well as family therapy services like; family relationships, emotional, behavioral, bullying, bereavement/loss, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, denial, fear for uncertainty, loss of hope etc. that come giving birth and raising a special needs child.


At Heal A Child International we strongly believe that investing in child health care reduces poverty by protecting poor families from the costs of healthcare, allowing them to invest in their future for example in housing, education and income generating activities.



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