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Our Programs

Zero Hunger Project 


Why We Do It.

According to the convention on the rights for children, every child has the right to good nutrition.

About Our Zero Hunger Projects

WHO estimates that 45 %  of child deaths globally are associated with under nutrition (that is about 2.7 million deaths annually). At HCI we seek to improve the nutritional status, growth and development, health and survival of infants and children affected as we fight against malnutrition in children.

We seek out sick and or severely malnourished children in communities and enrolling them on an optimal feeding program intervention. We provide healthy meals/food and supplements for hungry and malnourished children in communities. Usually children who are sick from other illnesses will also need a healthy meal as their little bodies recuperate. 

Increasing awareness on the importance of breastfeeding among mothers as a way (tool) to lower the morbidity and mortality of children/infants under five years of age.

Providing food to breastfeeding mothers in very poor communities who are at a brink of starvation in underserved communities.

 We believe that proper feeding of infants and children can increase their chances of survival.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential to a child’s immune system. The supplement increases children’s resistance to diseases as well as improving their chances for survival, growth and development (UNICEF). Vitamin A deficiency increases risk of child deaths from diseases like measles and diarrhea.


At Heal A Child International we strongly believe that investing in child health care reduces poverty by protecting poor families from the costs of healthcare, allowing them to invest in their future for example in housing, education and income generating activities.



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