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About US

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Our Founders Message.

All children in the world no matter where they come from have the rights to health, rights to education, rights to nutritive diet, rights to clean and safe water, rights to care, and all other rights associated to humans.

Our Target Group

We focus on children (and adolescents) in communities affected by abject poverty, high disease burden, and in emergency situations caused by conflict and disaster who may have limited or no access at all to healthcare services. Our goal is to bring about physical, spiritual and emotional healing to these children, reaching out to them with the love of Christ.

Our Focus

Our major focus is on
• Child health
• Health systems strengthening
• Capacity building
• Advocacy;  

"Children are an assurance to us of a new hope, a new generation, and a future to our world. But an increased disease burden, poverty and malnutrition pose a great threat to their survival livelihood. It is our coperate responsibility to save our world by saving the children."


Our Mission

Making healthcare services available and accessible to all needy and underprivileged children across the globe


Our Motto

Better health for every child


Our Vision

To help all children in the world live a healthy and fulfilled life


At Heal A Child International we strongly believe that investing in child health care reduces poverty by protecting poor families from the costs of healthcare, allowing them to invest in their future for example in housing, education and income generating activities.



+256 (0) 704 988475

Plot 75 Kiwanataka-Mbuya,
Kampala, Uganda